Wednesday, July 25, 2007

BiNGE's Editor - Page Two

A few days later, after visiting the original "BiNGE" web site, I was hooked for good. But, I noticed that while the graphics (cartoons) were superb, the text needed a little bit of help. So, I volunteered to assist, and began my new job as 'chief editor'... :-) I've only edited two episodes so far; "Meet the New Boss" and "Same as The Old Boss". They are absolutely hilarious, in a twisted sort of way, but their message rings loud and clear: WE ALL HAVE ADDICTIONS!! Some of them are in the closet and some we wear on our shirt sleeves. Some are barely noticable, while others smack you in the face without warning. Any way you look at it, the World abounds with billions of people who are addicted to something, and it is on that premise that BiNGE reigns supreme.

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, it's my complete intention to promote "BiNGE" in any and every way possible. The only limit of 'BiNGE' is the number of addicts and addictions on the planet, and, to me, that number seems limitless, and Eric deserves -No, is entitled to all the success that an artist of his calibre deserves.

I'll keep you posted, and would love to hear your comments......

Signed: BiNGE's Editor

BiNGE's Editor -Page One

Who is "BiNGE's Editor"?

A few months ago, after reading the latest chapter of "BiNGE", I asked the creator, Eric Styles, if I could edit the text of his creation. He gladly turned the job over to me, and I've been doing the editing ever since then. It's an extremely pleasureful and interesting job, which I'm pleased to do for free.
I've known Eric for a number of years. I was his first "real paying job" when he decided to offer his services to the public. He has done all of the cartoon graphics at, when his Internet identity was "Bedsoar Web Graphics - A Division of E7Styles Graphics". That was back in March of 2002, and I have been following Eric's life and artistic endeavours ever since he finished the project for my domain.
Earlier this year (2007), I was invited to another one of his art exhibits in Asbury Park, NJ. Advertised as "The Starving Artist", Eric was hanging out on a street bench, selling the hundreds of storyboard pages he had drawn for "BiNGE", his latest creation. I was totally taken in by the gist of the work, which, in essence, is all about 'addictions'. Realizing the potential and the quality of the work, I purchased all of his storyboard cartoon drawings. They represent the development of all of the characters he had created to date, and they were fascinating. The idea of creating a cartoon series that concerns addictions seemed (and still does seem) totally unique in the art world. While there have been any number of movies and books on the subject, I could not recall a single cartoon that dealt with the topic in such a humorous and provocative manner.